Councilman Rex Richardson & Dr. Alex Norman - June 7, 2020

Dr. Alex Norman, serves as the president of the MAYE Center where he works to bridge healing among the African American and Cambodian communities by developing awareness of shared experiences, working through ancestral trauma and moving past European centric doctrines that weaved white supremacy into our nation’s framework for many generations. Councilman Rex Richardson represents the 9th District in North Long Beach and is Chair of the Long Beach City Council Economic Development and Finance Committee. His record of accomplishment includes championing the Long Beach Economic Inclusion Implementation Plan, establishing the City’s Office of Equity, expanding shelter capacity to address homelessness, creating the PATH Young Adult Diversion Program, leading the Long Beach My Brother’s Keeper initiative, and securing major investments into the revitalization of North Long Beach.

Hosted by Ashley Aguirre & Sunni Baughman (The Daily Diddi)
Co-host Rose Lozon
Producers: Ashley Aguirre, Christina Gambill

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