Pole Dancing Through Quarantine: Acrostrip - May 20, 2020

Jacqueline Rivas is the founder of Acrostrip, a collective of inclusive and body positive pole dancers. Forced to cancel her monthly event at Que Sera, Jackie has been working with several dancers to continue to uplift the pole community through virtual events and demos. As the stay at home orders continue in California, we touch base with more musicians here in long beach that are keeping the music going without traditional venues, and following the ways they are determined to do it. Local post country musician Dennis Robicheou joins us today to talk projects, his business, Shady Grove foods and play us some great music.

Hosted by Danny Lemos & Rose Lozon
Co-host Ashley Aguirre, Christina Gambill, Nicole Mackie
Producers Ashley Aguirre, Christina Gambill, Rose Lozon

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