Senay Kenfe: Activist & Musician - June 14, 2020

We're joined by Senay Kenfe, a local community activist, musician, writer and business owner. Over the last 15 years he’s collaborated with artists around the world as a member of local hip hop act, The Natives. He has worked on projects from documenting the graffiti scene in Brazil and Egypt to leading clean water filtration projects in Ethiopia. ⁣ As we examine our local movement, we also introduce a new segment called "WhyWeProtest." Where we seek to find connections with those protesting across all fifty states. Over the next couple weeks, we'll capture personal stories from protestors around the nation and here in Long Beach. Today we hear from Al Monge, a Healthcare worker protesting in Portland, Oregon. ⁣

Hosted by Ashley Aguirre & Rose Lozon
Guest Host: Sunni Baughman
Produced by Ashley Aguirre, Christina Gambill, and Rose Lozon

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