The MAYE Center: Laura Som - May 31, 2020

In 2014, Laura Som founded the Maye Center in Long Beach. The mission of The MAYE Center is to establish and sustain a center for self-healing and the mindful cultivation of well-being, for survivors of trauma, and their family members, using an integrated practice of physical, spiritual and community growth. Utilizing holistic healers and practices, western doctors, and connections to counseling services and therapy if needed, Laura works to empower people to break the cycles of ancestral trauma. Ricky Yarnall of Hakujin Ramen is serving up ramen to help undocumented hospitality workers. Join us for a minute of silence to honor the memory of George Floyd, to acknowledge that he is a human being that deserves to exist. That he deserves to still be here with us today. Not just George, but Breonna, Ahmaud, Eric, Sandra, Michael, Philando, Tamir and Trayvon should all be here with us.

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