The Power of Recorded Sounds: Andrea Toyias & Chris Schlarb - May 24, 2020

Ever wonder who's behind the voice of that goblin in your video game? Who is that zombie grunting at you from the screen, behind your video game console? Andrea Toyias probably knows. She is the senior casting and voice director at Blizzard Entertainment, the video game company responsible for some of the biggest games today including World of Warcraft and Overwatch.⁣ ⁣ Local musician, composer, and producer Chris Schlarb opened Big Ego Studios in North Long Beach in 2015. Carrying on the tradition and vibe of small town recording studios, it has become one of the most sought after studios by musicians. Over the last decade he has collaborated with a who’s who of modern American rock, jazz, folk, pop, soul, punk, hip-hop and noise music including: Sufjan Stevens, Swamp Dogg, Cherry Glazzer, Jeff Parker, Mike Watt and more. ⁣

Hosted by Danny Lemos & Rose Lozon
Co-host Ashley Aguirre
Producers: Ashley Aguirre, Christina Gambill, and Rose Lozon

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